WhatsApp adds new font: Here’s how to use it

    WhatsApp adds new font
    WhatsApp adds new font

    WhatsApp adds new font: Here’s how to use it

    Facebook-owned WhatsAPP recently added some new features to make its texting experience much more enjoyable and convenient for the users. Its recent updates included the quoted message function and added support to share documents (PDFs and Doc files). Reportedly, it is looking for adding GIF support for its iOS users. WhatsApp is also rumored to be working on its video calling feature though it was once seen in Android beta built, later it was taken off. Also, WhatsApp adds new font.
    The most recent update was the introduction of new font style called FixedSys. WhatsAPP users are now able to chat using the fonts in bold, italic and strikethrough. The font FixedSys is same as it was in Windows. But the new fonts are not very practical to use. Everything you wish to type in FixedSys needs to be inside three backquote symbol(”’), in the starting and at the end. For example, if you want to write “Daily News Analysis” in FixedSys, you will have to put the word in between ’’’. So typing’’’ Daily News Analysis’’’ will convert the font into FixedSys, which makes it quite difficult to use it frequently. And the fonts cannot be mixed up with other text formats; you can only use one font at a time.
    The other and much more convenient options to change your text fonts are:

    1. BOLD= Add (*) an asterisk before and after the specific words or phrases you to highlight. For example *what*
    2. ITALICS= Add (_) an underscore before and after the word or phrases you want to italicize. Example _what_
    3. STRIKETHROUGH= Add (~) a tilde before and after the words or phrases to which you want a strike line. Example ~what~

    As long as you are using the latest version of Whatsapp in your smartphones, the preferred words or phrases will get bold italic and strikethrough after it has been sent.


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