Secret about your twitter password

    Secret about your twitter password
    Secret about your twitter password

    Secret about your twitter password

    Secret about your twitter password: Getting access to password protected information is easy. Isn’t it??
    When famous accounts like Twitter get hacked, people take notice to it. There were a whole bunch of accounts hacked in the span of a few days. Users who used passwords like ‘hello’ ‘dadada’ ‘hahaha’ were one of them. This instantly calls for better passwords.
    So, using a secure password for any site is a good recommendation but then the hackers don’t address some of the biggest holes in account security. There is a pattern to these hacks. It is that the hackers don’t simply guess the password or work on it. They get these passwords from some hacked database, or they discover it through some social engineering.
    It doesn’t matter what your password is, but if the hackers find it out on another service, it’s all over. Then it wouldn’t make a difference about how many characters you used.
    Rather than having a strong password the users should have a unique password. It is more important to use a unique password for all your accounts. Unique passwords stop the dominoes from falling, and it’s the main reason why you should be using a password manager, even if it’s just a browser.

    Secret about your twitter password
    Secret about your twitter password

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    One thing users don’t often read after a hack is how to revoke you app authorizations which are all the apps that you’ve given access to the account in question.
    Twitter, click on setting and then apps, and you will probably see a long list of devices and services that you’ve authorized over the years. You may not know that once you give access to something on your twitter account, that access is permanent until you revoke it. These authorized have a route to access your account.
    Of course, this doesn’t just go for Twitter but Facebook or any other service provider.
    Twitter offers two-factor authentication, but most of the users don’t use it. No one wants to mess with the codes while the conversation is happening. That’s why most Twitter users will probably never activate two-factor authorization.
    It becomes a weak spot. So it is recommended to use a unique password, and if provided with a two-factor authentication, it should be utilized too.


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