OnePlus 3 dropped from 750 Feet Height

    OnePlus 3 dropped from 750 Feet Height
    OnePlus 3 dropped from 750 Feet Height

    OnePlus 3 dropped from 750 Feet Height

    A few days back Luke Aikins created a buzz on the internet when he uploaded a video of himself jumping from over 25,000 feet without any parachute and dropping right into the nets. He was surely a daredevil. However, something similar to this happened, when One Plus posted a jaw-dropping video of testing One Plus 3s durability. This time, OnePlus 3 dropped from 750 Feet Height.
    The video was filmed on 29 July in Mimizan, France. It was a just a day before Luke Aikins attempted his gutsy stunt.
    Though, we can’t run past the fact that the surface the phone landed was covered with soft grass. And our regular falling sites are concrete block, tiles, the staircase, etc. which are a harder than the grass. So, this test was without a doubt epic granted the fact that the fall altitude was a crazy 750 feet. Though, the primary factor that affects a drop test is the surface on which the smartphone lands. Besides a single test with constricted factor is not sufficient to validate the durability of the phone.
    Similarly, when Motorola introduced its shatter-proof display on its Droid Turbo 2 with a drop test, people started testing its durability with some more challenging drops. And UnlockRiver a YouTube channel took this test to a new level when he dropped the phone from 900 ft. And the phone incurred just a few minor scratches here and there even though it landed on a hard surface.
    A leading example of the most durable smartphone is Samsung. The latest Galaxy S7 Active is a well-rounded device which has successfully cleared all the versatility tests and achieved both Mil-STD-810G spec and IP68 certification.
    Seeing that there are so many stylish and rugged has been launching in the market, one thing that remains the main concern for the users is protection against the falls. And presently in smartphone world products resilience plays a greater role than its marketing.

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