Le Superphones designed for Supertainment

Le Superphones designed for Supertainment
Le Superphones designed for Supertainment

Le Superphones designed for Supertainment

All the users are always glued to their smartphones, be it for watching their favorite shows, hearing to music or for social media. Smartphones have become a companion for entertainment. According to a new research done, people use their phone for entertainment almost as much as they use it for texting. They spend most of their time on their smartphones by getting involved in playing games, music, web surfing and watching videos.
LeEco is offering superphones that are not just communication devices but offer the best entertainment services. The superphones are Le Superphones designed for Supertainment. The company understands the customers needs and has designed these superphones to provide consumers with content based ecosystem which would give them a unique experience. Its content membership model is one of its kinds to be introduced in India where the customer can enjoy access to extensive content for one year exclusively free.
Recently LeEco also rolled out an OTA update to EUI 5.8 for the superphone Le Max 2 and the Le 2. They both will get same in the coming days. This new UI brings tons of improvements for the users who love playing games and browsing videos on their smartphones.
LeEco’s recently introduced a second generation superphones first the Le 2 and second the Le Max2 that will flaunt the company’s unique content ecosystem which will help break the boundaries between applications and services. It will be the first multiple screen desktop UI that redefines the mobile Internet experience by enabling users to get what they want. The superphones will be an open platform for the content and service completely available for today’s generation.

LeEco Superphones: Designed for entertainment!
LeEco Superphones: Designed for entertainment!

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Some of the features in EUI 5.8 are
Long screenshot – This will allow you to take a screen shot of the entire scroll.
App lock– This will make your phone more secure by enabling locks on every app you have on your smartphone.
Phone Manager– This will give you control over your data usage.
In total, the phone is offering all the necessary features for the users who are techno freaks. Its first sale has started, and it is also exclusively available on Flipkart.


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