If you want free Jio 4G SIM, get in queue or pay. The 4G service, Jio that the Reliance retail is preparing for an official announcement, is said to be one of the most exciting things to happen to Indian telecom market in a long time. Deprived of data and unfailing 3G or 4G services, people have high hopes from this upcoming venture. The fact that the company is presently offering this service for free for almost all 4G-enabled handset is a great crowd puller. The rush is crazy. People are lining up outside Reliance Digital Store and Reliance Digital Express Mini. And in few of these places where you don’t see the crowd is because of mechanism fixed b the store managers to keep the group out, the mechanism may seem fair or unfair depending what it involves and how much you want a SIM.



In the capital city most store run by phone dealer in collaboration with Reliance; the wait for the SIM card is between 7 days to 10 days, even when there is no rush.
According to a Xpress Mini Store Manager in Delhi to get a Jio SIM, you need to leave your name, number and phone’s manufacturer in the register and when your number comes the store will give you a call, and you have to go with your KYC documents to get your store. The announcment, Free Jio 4G SIM has moved the hearts of people.
The store managers say that the rush is so maddening that Jio doesn’t have adequate infrastructure in places. Moreover the whole process you getting a SIM is exhausting. It takes time. Thus the store managers have to clear at least 40-50 pending request per day. If you register your number today, then you will get a call from a store after 7 days.
However once the consumer their SIM then there is no delay. The scanned documents are immediately sent to Jio office. Preferably it takes around 1-2 hours before the details are verified using tele-verification. As Jio doesn’t have adequate infrastructure to deal with the rush, consequently the server is mostly down. Now the verification takes at least 4-5 days.



When the demand exceeds the supply, it is an opportunity to make some extra cash. With Jio’s rising popularity, the phone dealers have sensed the opportunity as well. You can get a Jio SIM immediately if you buy a handset from the concerned store.
Likewise, all the major phone dealers have stocked up Jio SIM cards however they are not allowed them to pack with all the phones they sell. For example, if you buy a Samsung, LG or an LYF smartphone you get the SIM from almost any store.
The outlook of the dealers is that the ‘Free SIM is great for the buyers, but the dealers are not getting anything out of it. So now they are making Jio SIM a bargaining chip to sell some phones.
Jio and the partner companies have not helped the matter either. Jio has not communicated properly as to which phone is eligible with the SIM this has allowed the phone dealers to misuse the whole process.
Although even if you manage to get the SIM or JioFi, you will still need to go through the certain activation process. Conclusively it means whether you got the SIM for free or you paid for it; you will have to wait at least 4-5 days before your SIM gets activated.

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