Beware there is a fake and dangerous Pokemon go on play store

    there is a fake and dangerous Pokemon go on play store
    There is a fake and dangerous Pokemon go on play store

    Beware there is a fake and dangerous Pokemon go on play store

    The brand new real-world-exploring, monster-catching game from Nintendo and Niantic, Pokemon Go has gained worldwide popularity in such a short time. But the hype has been reduced by the fact that Pokemon Go is not available in all parts of the world yet. There are plenty of duplicate apps in Google play store in the name of Pokemon Go. As per ESET security, a malicious app named Pokemon Go Ultimate made its way into the Google Play Store. This is the first “lock screen” app ever found on Google Play Store. When downloaded and ran the app instead of Pokemon Go it installed something called “PI Network.” People who had run that app has found their phones completely frozen which has forced them to restart their phone by removing the battery. When rebooting the device, the PI Network app seems to have disappeared but in fact, keeps running in the background and generates fake and clicks. At last, they have to delete the app manually.

    There were several other fake apps were spotted one named “Installed Pokemon” another one called “Guide and Cheats for Pokemon GO.” Few other apps that guarantee to generate free in-app items like Pokeballs, Pokecoins, Lucky Eggs, etc. But at the end, they all are traps which are used to mislead the user into subscribing the expensive services, and they could make money out of it.

    The mean tricks surrounding the expanded reality game only highlights the security risk posed by Android’s open network. Though the particularly highlighted app by ESET has been removed from the Google Play Store, but a search showed some other artificial apps under Pokemon Go. The apps vow to offer tips and tricks for downloading the game from private files which are an appealing offer for game lovers especially in regions where the game is not accessible yet.

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