Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan

    Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan
    Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan

    Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan

    Apple incorporation is aiming to open its first Apple Store in Taiwan. For this move, the technology giant raised $1.38 billion in a bond offering.  According to the job postings on Apple’s website on Friday the company was looking for “a leader for personnel training plans for the Taiwan Apple Store” and many other positions indicating Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan and was seeking for a team in Taiwan.

    A California-based company, The Cupertino verifies that it had the plan to launch the first Apple Store in Taiwan but didn’t provide any further details. Apple Store is the desire of a lot of people in the retail world as the store has the highest sales per square foot in the business.

    There are some sayings that the company has lost its touch over the years. This year the company saw their first sales decline during the second section during which it struggled with an augmenting drenched smartphone market.

    Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan
    Apple to Open First Apple Store in Taiwan

    Apple’s  China revenue including Hong Kong and Taiwan in its second fiscal quarter had dropped to 26 percent from last year.

    In a recent report released by Apple, it confirms the recruiting was for the staff at its first Apple Store in Taiwan, which will be placed in Taipei because of the popularity of the capital city.

    The company did not confirm the date when the store will be launched or where it will be situated, and the job offers only gave the details of work nut no other specification like pay, benefits or work location was not provided.

    Apple Store presently functions outlets in 19 countries in Asia including Japan, China, Macau and Hong Kong whereas other markets are provided by its online stores or licensed retailers such as Studio A and Data Express in Taiwan.


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