Apple Car: Project Titan

    Apple Car Project Titan
    Apple Car

    Apple Car Project Titan

    Beginning with the Macintosh computers, then switching to iPhone, after that coming up with iPods and then laptops, the Apple Company is now determined to capture the market of the cars as well. Are you surprised to hear it? Yes, Apple has been planning to bring its car to the market very soon. Apple Car Project Titan is the name of the project under which the iCar is being made. The rumors about the manufacturing of the Apple car codenamed as Project Titan seem to take a concrete form. According to the reports of a German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the making of the car is going on in secrecy in a clandestine location in Berlin, Germany with 5 to 20 employees. Everyone expects the official announcement of Apple electric car to be made at Apple’s WWDC 2016.
    These speculations about Apple car are absolutely true, but the questions now arise. Will the Company be able to roll the market with an exquisite model of car? Will it lift up to the expectations of the people? Will the people accept this tech company specializing in gadget manufacturing as a car brand? Let’s dig the factors that favor and disfavor the manufacturing of the Apple cars. Before that, let’s see how the Company has prepared itself to bring the world’s most magnificently designed car in the market. Since the Vice President of Apple Company, Steve Zadesky, has left the company, so, a replacement has now been made as Johann Jungwirth is appointed in that position. Steve was supposedly the former head of the car project. For a perfectly designed car to be manufactured, the company has joined hands with Chris Porritt, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering of Tesla Company. This is just a baby step taken towards the success of the car project.

    Apple Car
    Apple car

    Let’s see the factors which hinder the manufacture of the Apple car Project Titan.
    Competitors in the market: BMW, Fiat, Audi are some of the giants names in the car industry. These companies are definitely going to pose tough competition to Apple. Apple may be the pioneer of gadget making, but when it comes to designing cars, other existing companies seems to have an upper hand over it.
    The complexity involved in the model: Where iPhone is a composition of 100 different parts, the Apple automobile would be the amalgamation of 3000 components. So, the design of the car would definitely be complicated.
    Developmental cycles: Unlike iPhones, cars have longer product life cycle as they sustain for 4-5 years. So, if Apple comes with a concept of shorter product life cycle, then it is surely not going to help the company to excel.
    Profit margin: On an average, any car has a profit margin of 2.2% and iPhone itself has 65% of profit margin, so you can very well guess the profit margin of Apple cars.

    Apple Car Project Titan
    Apple Car

    Two factors that support the success of Apple car Project Titan:
    Redefining technology: Bringing Electric cars to the market has been the dream of all the automobile manufacturers for over ten years. And after Tesla Company, Apple would be the second to launch Electric cars. This factor would definitely catch the eyes of all the car lovers.
    The vision for tomorrow’s cars: Apple would instill artificial intelligence in its cars. This would be a breakthrough concept for the car industry. Also, the features like mobile connectivity and natural language processing would be interesting for the car buyers. Moreover, an automobile with a computerized inbuilt system would attract the customers. So, this grand vision of the Company would help it to pave its way.

    As per the reports, Apple Car Project Titan would be completed by 2019 and the model would be released in the year 2021. So, you need to wait for the opportunity to become the owner of the Apple car. But guys, this car would definitely cost your arm and leg because according to Gene Munster, the financial analyst of Apple, the project would cost around $75,000. Have your eyeballs popped out looking at the price of the car? But don’t worry that car will take time to be launched, so till then you must work hard and earn this enormous amount to afford an Apple car.
    Apple has always impressed its customers with its diversified range of products and let’s see whether this new venture of Apple Company succeeds in doing so or not. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had the dream of making an Apple car, and he wanted to launch the car in 2008 when the Company introduced iPhone. If it had happened, then Apple’s first car and Tesla’s debut car would have been called the debutants of electric cars together. But, it didn’t happen. There is no doubt about the fact that Apple is known for its technological innovation and precision, but stepping into the car industry is a different experience and requires better business strategies. So, let’s have faith in the endeavors of Apple and wish the Company good luck for its becoming the new cradle of the car industry.


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