Don’t fall for privacy hoax

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Don’t fall for privacy hoax

A Facebook post recently got viral and sadly for all wrong reasons. The post which is copied and pasted on Facebook warns people that soon their private information with all their photos and other content will go public on the internet. Facebook issued a statement calling the post fake. Facebook also asked the users to Don’t fall for privacy hoax
Facebook also said that you might have seen a post telling you to copy paste a notice to retain control over the things you post and share on Facebook. Don’t believe it. These posts are fake. Our terms of Facebook clearly says that you are responsible for all the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is to be shared through your privacy setting and application settings. That’s how it works, and it hasn’t changed it is still the same there are various privacy options, and you can also control the privacy about the who can view your posts and information on Facebook.
The information used and collected on Facebook can also be known to the users with the help of data policy option. Facebook wants to keep its users informed and in control of their experience on Facebook.
The spam and fake posts which started showing up on users timelines claimed to protect users privacy and keep the content safe on Facebook. It is not the first time that a hoax post went viral on Facebook. It has been happening for quite some time. The company last year also called out a feature where users could flag the post as fake news. The latest spam warned the users that Facebook might use the user’s photos, information from past and present and said that by putting the post on timeline One denies Facebook permission to do any of the above things. You are the holder of your privacy, and you have all the authorities to control it. Don’t believe on fake posts.

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